About Ian Harper & Co

About Ian Harper & Co

The firm Ian Harper & Co., Specialist Family Law Lawyers was established in November 2000.

Ian Harper and the firm are committed to providing specialist advice and representation in relation to family law and de facto relationship.

The firm is committed to seeking a settlement of all matters including children, property, spousal maintenance and child support disputes between parties in order to produce a result which the two parties can agree on. As the last resort we obtain Orders by way of Court proceedings.

The firm offers the first consultation with a solicitor at a discounted rate to provide the opportunity of getting to know the solicitor in the firm and obtain an explanation of the alternative procedures available that best suite each client to resolve all matters in dispute.

Ian is also a qualified Collaborative Lawyer.  Collaborative Law is the process of negotiating a settlement with the other party and their lawyer in order to obtain a settlement of all matters in dispute without the expense and anxiety of Court proceedings.  If, in this process, one party commences legal proceedings, both solicitors have to cease to act for their clients.  Collaborative Law is suitable when everyone is committed to stay out of Court proceedings.

Upon his retirement in 2015 this firm was taken over by Maatouks Law Group.

Peter Maatouk, the principal of Maatouks Law Group and has been working in the legal industry since 1994 and under his guidance and expertise, we have offices located in Penrith, Narellan and Liverpool and can assist you with a much wider range of legal matters.

Please feel free to visit our website at www.maatouks.com.au for more information.